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Rose Barboza is a compassionate and devoted individual who not only brings joy and happiness to those around her but also plays a vital role in celebrating life’s significant milestones. With her warm and welcoming nature, Rose goes above and beyond to create memorable moments for others, including organizing heartfelt celebrations of life and baptisms. Whether it’s honoring the life of a loved one who has passed or commemorating the spiritual journey of a cherished child, Rose ensures that these occasions are filled with love, support, and meaningful gestures. Her attention to detail, coupled with her ability to create a comforting atmosphere, makes Rose a cherished ally when it comes to commemorating and embracing life’s most special moments.

I am also a Professional Prayer Practitioner for the Center for Spiritual Living since 2002.

As a licensed Professional Prayer Practitioner, I completed four years of training and am able to offer spiritual counseling. I help people through times of stress or build a long lasting relationship to foster growth in understanding spirituality. I am available to do house blessings, baptisms or funerals.

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